Fast as Wind


Alumifuel Power Corp. - AFPW.ob 

Incorporated in May 2008 to commercialize unique IP for high-demand military & commercial applications

  • Lab and offices in Philadelphia Science Center
  • Philadelphia area is center of US hydrogen industry
  • Leverage Drexel University nanotechnology capabilities
  • Access to top technical talent
Solid IP portfolio – patent filings and proprietary know-how for chemistry, cartridge design and applications World Class path-to-market & production partners
  • AlumiFuel Power International, Inc. (Same management team as API)
  • Formed February 2010
  • International marketing & IP
  • European capital raise in process
  • Planned listing/trading on Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt (“9AP”)
  • Other new market initiatives planned in U.S. & Europe
API is a unique alternative energy company that generates hydrogen gas and steam/heat for multiple applications
  • Our hydrogen feeds fuel cells for electrical power
  • Our hydrogen and steam drive undersea propulsion systems
  • Our hydrogen inflates weather balloons
  • Our powder mix is ideal for flameless heating devices
API’s novel technology is based on the exothermic chemical reaction of aluminum, water and proprietary additives
  • We are the first company to successfully commercialize this technology – product purchased by customers
  • We provide “DRY HYDROGEN”
Ours is an enabling technology
  • Delivers 5-10X the energy density (runtime) of lithium batteries
  • Facilitates new power applications with fuel cells & turbines – billion dollar markets
  • Our only competition are batteries and gasoline-fueled generators

Turbine Power Systems – Up to 750 kW

  • Energy Recovery
  • Solar
  • Aerospace
  • Hybrid
Systems Design and Analysis Hybrid Power System Conversion Elements
  • Batterie
  • Fuel Cells
  • Turbo-Electric or Mechanical Thermal Engines(Rankine, Brayton, Stirling)
  • IC Engine
  • Isotope Powered
  • Thermo-Electric
  • Thermal Heating (Energy Recovery)