Fast as Wind


The PBIS-1000 stands for Portable Balloon Inflation System. The design of the PBIS-1000 has been diligently modified over the years covering specific customer feedback and advancements in the current technology. The system is able to produce hydrogen gas from a simple combination of Alumifuel's Propretery Mixture with water. We can not tell you our specific compounds but our base ingredient is Aluminum which causes a specific reaction that splits the oxygen and hydrogen contained in water, releasing hydrogen in the process.

We are the First company in the world to commercialize this type of technology; potential to usher in a new era of energy.

The mixture comes prepackaged in a can that can be stored for months. The canisters can be stored without the fear of exploding like dangerous K-Cylinders and take up such a smaller space then those bulky K-Cylinders.

The Process is as simple as placing the Canister in the Specific area and then pulling down on the handle of the PBIS-1000. Within moments you will have clean hydrogen gas being generated for any use you can think of from weather balloons to bigger projects such as running turbines for green energy.

We are already partnered with Kaymont Weather Balloons, one of the largest weather balloon companies out of NY. This brings tremendous exposure for our company because Kaymont is a leader in Meteorological Weather Balloons and they recommend Alumifuel's PBIS-1000 Generator to it's customers.

Here is our PBIS-1000 Generator in action at a customer demonstration. You can see the ease of the system it is portable and rugged and was meant to go places ordinary small delicate machinery couldn't. There are remote places in the world where a K-Cylinder is restricted from being shipped and weather balloons have stopped being launched in those areas. With Our technology we can launch any weather balloon anywhere in the world from the back of truck.

We have proved over the years that the PBIS-1000 Generator will be a leader in our industry and as a company we are utilizing the PBIS-1000 technology and are branching off into many different types of projects based on the Cannister/PBIS-1000 Generator.

The current weather balloon market is pegged at $150-$200 million per year, and encompasses military as well as civil government meteorological users worldwide. Based on customer reaction, API and its path-to-market partner, Kaymont Consolidated of Long Island, New York, the world's largest distributor of weather balloons, believe the PBIS-1000 can become the field standard and product of choice. After purchasing PBIS-1000 units, customers will continue to purchase replacement cartridges to launch 500-1,000 balloons each year (1,000-2,000 cartridges). This is analogous to the razor/razor blade dynamic. API's President & CEO, Mr. David Cade, said: "We are extremely gratified that our unique PBIS-1000/AlumiFuel cartridge system has generated such widespread interest. Our partner, Kaymont, has been contacted by many other potential customers around the world desirous of procuring the system, and is in the process of arranging demonstrations. The ease of launching weather balloons with the PBIS-1000 will serve to expand the market into remote locations which cannot be served by present hydrogen generation methods."